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On this page is a list of the latest drivers available for download from 20.12.2016. All the drivers tested Norton antivirus and Avast, performance Installer driver tested in a virtual machine. Choose a model of the device, to go to the drivers for different versions of the Windows operating system.

Adaptec USB2connect 2000 AUA-2000 (B) (OEM) PCI, USB2.0, 2 port-ext
CPU Intel Xeon E5335 BOX Active or 1U Passive 2.0 GHz-4core-8Mb L2-80W-1333MHz LGA771
24 ASUS VK246U BK (LCD, Wide, 1920x1080, Webcam, D-Sub, DVI)
Logitech MouseMan (M-S38) (OEM) PS-2 3btn
Intel (EXPI9300PT) PRO-1000 PT (OEM) PCI-E x1 10-100-1000Mbps
59426166 Idea Pad B5045 AMD E1-6010-2Gb-320Gb-DVD-RW-15.6 HD-Wi-Fi-Dos

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