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Flash drives have replaced the CD-ROM or floppy disks. Due to its compactness, high performance and low noise flash drives allow you to quickly transfer large volumes of information between different computers. The current capacity of flash drives have tens of gigabytes, and copy speed flash drives connected to USB 3.0 interface is comparable with the fastest models of internal hard drives based on magnetic disks (HDD) - about 100-150 megabytes per second.

Many flash drives are automatically detected in recent versions of Windows, but there are unusual situations when the flash drive refuses to be determined. In this case, when you connect the stick to your computer displays an error message: "Device Not Recognized". To resolve this problem, install the flash disk driver for your operating system.

In some extreme cases, resuscitate, revive the stick that is helping rewrite the hardware. Proprietary tools that can make it, are presented on the website in this section, along with drivers for flash drives.

Here you can select the driver to download from the manufacturer of your device. The list of drivers corresponds to the model number of the equipment. For convenience, displays a complete list of manufacturers, which is divided into blocks of 30 units. If you are difficult to find the items you equipment, press Ctrl + F and you ll find on this page you are interested in the brand or model. Next you will be prompted to select the version of the operating system for correct operation of the device driver.

At the moment the possibility of parametric searching is finished, be patient, skachati driver for Windows, you can now.

adataDownload drivers for Flash-disks ADATA
corsairDownload drivers for Flash-disks CORSAIR
iconikDownload drivers for Flash-disks ICONIK
kingstonDownload drivers for Flash-disks KINGSTON
qumoDownload drivers for Flash-disks QUMO
sandiskDownload drivers for Flash-disks SANDISK
silicon powerDownload drivers for Flash-disks SILICON POWER
smartbuyDownload drivers for Flash-disks SMARTBUY
transcendDownload drivers for Flash-disks TRANSCEND

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