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Server - a specialized computer with a high speed. Servers are used to service requests of local and remote clients. Customers can be as stationary computers and mobile devices: laptops, tablet computers or even smartphones.

There are server field use: it can be a file server for storage, web server to serve sites on the Internet or intranet server application (1C, etc.), database server, server or other specialized billing server .

For any server need to establish a server operating system. In addition to the operating system, you must install the drivers for all devices that are part of the server. This section presents a suite of drivers for popular brands of servers DELL, HP, IBM, SUN and others. The composition of these kits include drivers for chipsets, processors, controllers, as well as the video driver, network adapters, and other devices.

Here you can select the driver to download from the manufacturer of your device. The list of drivers corresponds to the model number of the equipment. For convenience, displays a complete list of manufacturers, which is divided into blocks of 30 units. If you are difficult to find the items you equipment, press Ctrl + F and you ll find on this page you are interested in the brand or model. Next you will be prompted to select the version of the operating system for correct operation of the device driver.

At the moment the possibility of parametric searching is finished, be patient, skachati driver for Windows, you can now.

dellDownload drivers for Servers DELL
fujitsu-siemensDownload drivers for Servers FUJITSU-SIEMENS
hpDownload drivers for Servers HP
ibmDownload drivers for Servers IBM
sunDownload drivers for Servers SUN

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