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Total model-based devices: 14

DELL Latitude XT (M68206) Black C2D U7600-2-120Gb-ext.DVD-RW-WiFi-BT-VistaBus-12.1-1.94
Dell Streak 7 Black NVIDIA Tegra 2 Cortex A9-16Gb-WiFi-BT-Andr-7-0.42
Dell Streak STRK-9533 Black Snapdragon-16Gb MicroSD-3G-GPS-BT-5-Andr-0.19
Dell Streak STRK-9540 Red Snapdragon-16Gb MicroSD-3G-GPS-BT-5-Andr-0.19
Dell Venue 11 Pro (VP11-8267) i3 4020Y-4-128Gb-3G-WiFi-Win8-10.8-0.8
Dell Venue 11 Pro (VPRO-8359) Atom Z3770-2-64Gb-3G-WiFi-BT-Win8-10.8-0.77
Dell Venue 11 Pro 5130 (VPRO-8366) Atom Z3770-2-64Gb-3G-WiFi-BT-Win8-10.8-0.77
Dell Venue 3730 (Venu-7819) Black Atom Z2560-1-8Gb-GPS-WiFi-BT-Andr4.2-7-0.31
Dell Venue 3730 (Venu-7826) Black Atom Z2560-2-16Gb-GPS-WiFi-BT-Andr4.2-7-0.31
Dell Venue 8 Pro (VPR8-8250) Atom Z3740-2-64Gb-3G-WiFi-Win8-8-0.4
Dell Venue 8 Pro (VPR8-8243) Atom Z3740-2-64Gb-WiFi-BT-Win8-8-0.4
Dell XPS 10 Dock (6225-8264) Snapdragon S4-2-64Gb-GPS-WiFi-BT-Win8RT-10.1-0.63
Dell XPS 10 (6225-8233) Snapdragon S4-2-32Gb-GPS-WiFi-BT-Win8RT-10.1-0.63
Dell XPS 10 (6225-8240) Snapdragon S4-2-64Gb-GPS-WiFi-BT-Win8RT-10.1-0.62

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